Posted by: flindberg | September 6, 2010

Hello Pine Mountain Club!

Update:  June 30, 2011

Good news!!  Escrow finally closed on my house in PMC, across from the golf course and clubhouse!  My address is 2517 Beechwood Way and we have started moving in some furniture and doing cleaning and such!  I’m very excited to finally be part of the neighborhood!  Please feel free to drop by and say “hi”, if you see us around!  I plan to continue to be there the first Friday and weekend of each month at a minimum, and hopefully other times as well.

Also, good news from my medical group:  I can now accept all the major health insurance plans, including MediCare, as my billing will go through Lakeside Community Healthcare Medical Group (LCHMG).  The charges and billing should be very similar to any regular doctor visit, except I will be able to see you in the comfort and convenience of your home.  Eventually I hope to set up a little office at my house as well, for those who might prefer it.

My local phone number for PMC remains – 661-241-0362 (or “2410-doc”).   You can call and talk with me or leave me a message there, for appointments or questions.

I’m also still working with Sarah and Paul Edwards and my other friends with “Let’s Live Local” to try to develop some kind of Senior Program in PMC, to help further address health and well-being issues for that part of our community.  Stay tuned!

I’m looking forward to meeting and getting to know more of you soon!


Dr. Fred

Letter to my prospective PMC friends and patients:

Dear friends and hopefully future neighbors,

As you may have already heard, I am planning to try to establish a very limited, part-time medical practice in PMC, starting in the next few months.  I want to do this for two reasons:  First, it will help to make my purchase of a second home there a little more financially feasible, as the income from it will help to offset my mortgage payments there.  Second, I’m hoping it will lead to further expansion of access to medical care in the PMC community, which will help both quality of life for the neighborhood, and also indirectly help home values a little.  I believe that one factor that hurts home values, marginally, in PMC, is that residents and prospective residents currently have to factor in traveling outside the area to access medical care.  This is even more of a concern for our retired friends and neighbors, who often are dealing with more demanding medical issues at this time in their lives.  PMC really strikes me as a beautiful, vibrant community, with excellent potential for growth in value and amenities there.  And I would really love to play a very tiny part in helping it grow further into the even greater potential that I think it has.

My plan is to drive up from my home in Thousand Oaks, early on the first Friday morning of each month, and start with a “Home Visits” format.  I plan to see patients all day Friday, plus a half day on Saturday to start with.  Hopefully I would be able to transition over to seeing patients at my actual home there, once the purchase has gone through and the remodeling is completed.

I also eventually hope to bring physician colleagues up to PMC to visit, with the idea that they might also find the area very uniquely appealing, as I do, and perhaps want to join me in my project, or to do something similar on their own, in coordination with mine.  That would be one of a number of possibilities I see for perhaps helping, eventually, to further expand more regular access to medical care in PMC.

So who am I, and why would you perhaps want to consider allowing me the honor and privilege of helping you with your health care questions and needs?

Well, first of all, I would like to acknowledge that you might very well not need my help in that at all!  I am guessing that most of my future PMC neighbors already have Family Doctors or Internists or other providers who do serve that function very adequately, if perhaps a little inconveniently, because of that distance required to access them.  And while access to me might be extremely convenient geographically, to start with, as I’ll come myself, directly to your door for your appointment.  At the same time it will probably not be very convenient time-wise, as I’ll be there for just that day and a half the first Friday/Saturday of each month to start.

And especially if I am able to earn and deserve and gain the trust of my patients there, I know it is likely that my very limited appointment schedule might become completely full for months in advance, making me relatively INaccessible for most practical purposes!  I wish I had a good solution around that possibility, but unfortunately it is what it is, I believe.

You would also be very welcome if you wished, of course, to access my office the rest of the time in Thousand Oaks, which is about an hour and 45 minutes away, but might take longer depending on weather and traffic, of course.  And also, of course, your current medical resources are almost certainly closer than that anyway.

But my regular office, should you need it, is with Lakeside Community Medical Group at 612 East Janss Road, Thousand Oaks, CA, 91360.  My office phone is 805-373-0725 and my fax is 805-373-0574.

I have also set up a local phone number for PMC – 661-241-0362 (“2410-doc”) – to help ease your access to me from there.  You may leave voice and/or text messages on it for now, and I will get back to you.  Or of course you may leave comments on this website/blog and I will try to respond to those as well.

And moving back to who I am; I am a Board-Certified Family Physician with about 25 years experience of doing primary care, mostly outpatient medicine.  I am “Lead Physician” for an office with four other Family Physicians, and a Physicians’ Assistant, (whom I supervise directly), and also a Pediatrician who is part-time in our office.

I do feel blessed and privileged to be doing the kind of work I enjoy, and to feel like at least part of the time, I am able to help people in meaningful ways.  I gain a lot of satisfaction when that happens, and I recognize that my successes and failures usually have less to do with how much I know (although that most certainly factors in), than it does with the quality of my relationship with my patients.  As such, I put a lot of emphasis on trying to listen, trying to really see things the way my patients see them, and trying to care.  I admit I don’t always succeed, but I do try!

I also am not very big on prescribing a lot of medicines unless it is pretty clear that the probable benefit outweighs the chance of side effects and other possible harm from them.  Sometimes it does, of course, but many times, particularly with antibiotics, sleep meds and pain meds, which often tend to be overly used in my opinion, they might not.

I AM big on patient education, on helping people understand what is going on and why and what can reasonably be done to help,  and on common sense, good health measures which I DO think make a BIG difference for good health, particularly in the long run.  My “Big Three” on good health, are a good aerobic Exercise program, good Nutrition with lots and LOTS of veggies and fruits, and also “good Spirituality” however that plays out in your life, in a way that makes sense for you.  And ALL of my patients sooner or later get my handouts and some degree of discussion on how those three are or are not working for them, and hopefully in a way from me that is inviting and encouraging, and not judgmental or inconsiderate to who they are and where they are coming from.

My Background:  I was born in Tokyo as my parents were Lutheran missionaries there.  But we returned when I was about five years old (and I did not succeed in retaining any of my Japanese language skills from that time).  I mostly grew up on the South Side of Chicago, and I went to Dartmouth College for my undergraduate degree, finishing in 1979, before attending the University of Chiago – Pritz.ker school of medicine.  I graduated with my MD in 1983.  I did my Family Practice Residency training at UC Irvine, and then had a National Health Service obligation that I paid off by working at a Migrant Health clinic near Yuma, AZ (and getting pretty proficient with my medical Spanish in the process).  We moved from Yuma to Thousand Oaks in 1989, where my ex-wife, who had been a classmate in med school, and I raised four awesome kids (all currently in college or recently graduated).  I was sadly separated and divorced starting about six years ago, but happily am currently engaged to be married again.

I am active with my church and with Rotary, and I like to do short weekend or week-long medical mission trips periodically to Mexico or Central America.  I’ve done two of each of those so far this year, but this year has been busier than most in that regard.

I sing baritone in our church choir and also regularly butcher some guitar-playing for the contemporary worship each Sunday at church.  Fortunately, they must either be wearing earplugs or have a lot of “grace” in tolerating me there!

So now you probably know more about me than maybe you really wanted or needed to know, but perhaps you are one of those people who reads to the end of most such things, just to find out whether the author ever does get around to saying something useful or interesting!  I just hope I haven’t wasted your time too much in that way, and that you will leave me a brief comment at least, if you feel at all inclined to do so.

I am also just now trying to learn this whole “blog/website” editing stuff and have tried to insert a link at the top right, to another website that gives more details about me and my Lakeside group, as well as to a few other PMC businesses I feel I clearly can trust and ethically recommend.  Please let me know if you have a business in PMC and would like me to add your link as well.  It is free, after all!

Thank you for your patience and consideration in reading this.  I hope I will be able to return the favor with some kind consideration as well!


Fred Lindberg, MD



  1. I am very excited about having a doctor in PMC. I have very recently moved to this beautiful community with the hopes of eventually buying here once our home sells and I find the perfect home to raise our little ones. I had thought I would enjoy going down the mountain to just get out, but to be honest with you…I DO NOT WANT TO! I have had to force myself to leave and it has only been twice in a month. So, yes I would benifit greatly by seeing you every other month or so. I have some slight medical issues which have been getting better and my own doing with exercise and persistance. I look forward to meeting you and having a new Dr.

    • Dear Ms. Wheeler,

      Thank you for your kind comments. Where did you recently move from, and how old are your “little ones”? My own “little ones” are now 25, 23, and my twins will be 21 in about two weeks! They are all in school or have graduated, and all of them really like PMC and are looking forward to visiting there again, after I eventually get my house there, hopefully!

      Sarah Edwards and Shelia Clark are hoping to include me in their “medical table” at the Meet and Greet being planned for November 6, at the PMC club house. So hopefully I will have an opportunity to meet you and others from PMC then.

      Thanks again.


      Dr. Fred

  2. I am so pleased you’ll be opening your practice here and love your medical and spiritual philosophy. What you are doing is what we have prayed for, including encouraging other colleagues to do the same. Sarah Edwards, Let’s Live Local, and other PMC organization have bee working toward this goal; now you’re here. Kudos. Blessings, Joan

  3. i am curious if you are still up here with the same days;if you are accepting new patients. I know of an elderly couple with serious health issues, the family lives off the mountain, and are concerned as to what is available, locally.
    Thank you fro an update.

    • Hi Ms. Forbes,

      Thanks for your inquiry/comment on that website I set up before.

      Yes, I am still coming up the first weekend of each month and seeing anyone who wants to arrange for a housecall visit then. Usually easiest to call my cell phone direct at 805 338 6456 for appointments, although I also set up a 661 number – (661) 241-0362 – which forwards automatically to my cell.

      My regular office is in Thousand Oaks and that office number is 805 373 0725.

      Please let me know if I can be of help.


      Dr. Fred

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